Acceptable risk.

March 1st, 2016 by The Doctor

Once upon a time East Germany was a nightmarish Police State, the Stasi secret police would whisk dissenters away during the night, and no-one could dare mention it in public as half the populace were spying on the other half, eavesdropping on conversations and ready to inform on their neighbours.

In the west in 2016 we bask in the sunshine of freedom and democracy, or do we?

As far as your Corporate Overlords are concerned you are no longer a citizen, but merely a consumer at best and a suspect at worst.
What constitutes a crime is determined by an elderly conservative elite, whose own crimes of greed and environmental destruction are protected and enshrined in The Law. Meanwhile, your personal choices have become crimes that sometimes result in them taking away your liberty, but more often your money.

It’s for your own good.

Until quite recently it was unthinkable that you would be pulled over while driving in your car within the speed limit, minding your own business, just enjoying being a free citizen and tax payer of your country.
Oh, it’s a random roadside test? You no longer need any reasonable suspicion that I was committing a crime? Am I under arrest? No, but if I don’t do what the nice university graduate in the blue uniform says I will be? Yeah, yeah blow in the straw… Oh this is new – swipe this thing across your tongue. If you have smoked any marijuana in the last week it will show up. Does this mean I am high as a kite right now? No… But, you will be getting fined because we don’t know if you are or not.

Tastes like… Freedom!

I am all for not getting killed or maimed by a drunk driver, but everyone knows by now that the cops constantly scan number plates as they drive along. If they see I have a history of numerous mid-range or any high-range offences then fine, whatever – pull me over and test me.

You cant even go to the train station or take a walk through a park without the fucking drug-sniffer dogs getting up your arse. Get you own fucking pot, Scooby Doo!
When did we decide to just accept that we can be stoppped and searched for NO REASON as we walk around in our own fucking country?

Our fathers and grandfathers fought and died to preserve our “freedom”.
Now some arsehole with a law/sociology degree is trampling on your freedom and you are expected to just lie down and take it?
Don’t tell me it is to protect us from the bogeyman of terrorism – that is the biggest load of straw-man bullshit. Three deaths on Australian soil so far? A suicidal fourteen year old puppet murders an accountant?

ASIO and all the well-funded spooks still allowed that deranged prick Man Monis to walk about unwatched while he was on bail for conspiracy to murder, multiple rapes, fraud and generally being a self-promoting fuckwit. More people are killed by vending machines falling on them, yet they don’t bolt them to the ground.

Darwin Award winning stick-man.

Reality being enough of a challenge for me at this stage, I seldom ¬†indulge in anything stronger than coffee or the odd cigarette – but I don’t see how everyone who chooses to partake is persecuted by ageing narrow-minded killjoys.

NSW Premier Mike Baird – representing ALL rich conservatives.

Life is risk, and if I am an adult I will do whatever I want, whenever I want and I don’t need an army of ¬†incompetent nannies running after me with a safety helmet and a packet of Disney band-aids.

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