August 14th, 2009 by The Doctor

bacon_v1First celebrated inĀ  2007, Baconfest has become an institution in suburban Sydney Australia.
The Doctor and a handful of bacon-hungry volunteers have been enjoying the annual celebration of Bacon long before Epic Meal Time appeared on the internets. I would especially like to thank loyal bacon enthusiasts Max and Zig for helping make this years BaconFest the best so far!

The Three Pillars Of BaconFest :



All pork p

4 Responses to “BaconFest”

  1. BurnTheLies Says:

    Im not so much a fan of bacon as i am of metal! Right on! You should have included some free-range Australian metal in your free-range Australia pig…. Would have been even more epic!

  2. The Doctor Says:

    Duly noted… There is always room for ,MORE METAL! And copious amounts of BACON!

  3. BurnThe Lies Says:

    In addition to this Dr Maz, ive been thinking long and hard about this for the past couple of months and i think you will need a Bacon Robot also. I believe Soupe Le Fiend has a ‘warrior’ that is exactly that

  4. japer85 Says:

    hhhmmm, free-range, i think ill try that next year~~~, any posters on the street for next year??