Eilert Pilarm – The Swedish Elvis !

August 31st, 2009 by The Doctor

Eilert Pilarm has not let a total lack of any discernable musical talent stop him from boldly forging a career for himself (then again, neither have I).

In a world where there are so many strange and frightening Elvis impersonators, you have to be a very special artist to stand out from the crowd. Aside from bearing absolutely no physical resemblance at all to the departed old fat guy from Memphis, Eilert also has a very slim grip on the English language. (I must admit that I don’t speak any Swedish at all…)

Listen to “Jailhouse Rock” (You Tube)


The White-est Guy In The World

I also strongly recommend that you check out Irwin Chusid’s awesome book and double CD on Outsider Music –

Songs In The Key Of Z.

Your life will be enriched as you listen to (and read about) Eilert Pilarm, The Shaggs, Daniel Johnston, Wesley Willis, Shooby Taylor…

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