Just Another Snowflake

March 3rd, 2016 by The Doctor

You are a precious unique snowflake, no-one who has ever lived is exactly like you!

Nearly everyone imagines themselves to be a special person, the star of their own amazing personal show.

Which is all well and good, as long as you accept that another 7.4 billion humans today deserve to believe the same thing.
Western civilisation has evolved, and the widely held racism, sexism and homophobia of previous generations has been discarded (at least by most people under thirty) and we are all much better off for it.
Some foul, insecure people with deformed, malignant personalities imagine that they are somehow better than you, and are entitled to tell you what is right and what is wrong.

Insufferably smug.


These self-important dipshits think they can shout down any dissenting opinion because they occupy some imaginary intellectual or moral high ground, and try to censor speech and even thought that doesn’t fit their agenda.
To be a special snowflake in 2016, the flaccid egos of middle-class white people need a way to put themselves above their peers. Don’t have anything remarkable about you? Of course you do! You are a 20 year old male university student and a feminist! You won’t stand for the objectification of women! Stage a protest! Bring a bull-horn with you so you can drown out the angry mob of PETA protesters who are screaming at a bewildered passerby for wearing leather Doc Martens.

Bieber fever

Change your facebook status to show how you aren’t fooled by stupid doctors who don’t realise that vaccination causes autism! Get diarrhea from drinking a giant kale, quinoa, chia and gojii berry smoothie on your way to getting a herniated disc from your cross-fit session with your fake-tanned personal trainer with tribal tattoos and shrivelled testicles from his secret steroid regimen.

I love living in The Future!

As in George Orwells’ 1984, those who control the language, control the discourse. Arsehats who presume to forbid others using certain words effectively stifle any dissent. If I hold a view that you find repugnant or offensive, let me say it aloud in public and my ideas can either stand or fall on their own merits. It is perhaps the ultimate irony that the right to free-speech is slowly being taken away by those who once benefited from it. If you can’t take a joke at your expense then you really need to take stock of your own level of delusion. Your sense of self-worth should be built on your empathy for the 7 billion other idiots like you, and expressed through your kindness and understanding.

Screeching and wailing as your fragile cocoon of self-deceit cracks from any criticism is a sign that you need to wake up to yourself – you stupid, worthless piece of shit .

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