Spill Your Seed

January 31st, 2013 by The Doctor

Hello again, Breeders!

It’s 2013. The world teeters on the edge of a precipice, overpopulation marginalises thousands of unique species of plant & animal. The relentless plague of humanity devours and despoils every finite resource, soon the earth will be calling last drinks for a party that started around the time of the industrial revolution and has now spiralled out of control.

What is a responsible government to do?

Baby bonus! Back-to school bonus! Have-a-few-more-fuckin-kids-why-dont-ya bonus!

Take hard-earned money from Australians who are not furiously breeding like erotomaniacal rabbits and give it to every fucking idiot who is too selfish or deluded to curb their retarded lust to procreate!

I have no opposition to everyone enjoying their sexuality – you should all go out and fornicate in a non-stop, insane, psychedelic sexual frenzy, but for C’thulus’ sake, dont have any more children. If you really must breed, have only one or two – replacement value.
Better still, use protection. Or shoot your seed somewhere it wont take root.
The future is here and it’s not looking pretty.
As my friend & colleague Doug Stanhope said ” Sodomy is green, and abortion is environmentally friendly.”


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